Friday, July 11, 2008

Of Late

Finding inspiration in simple things.

Inspiration Board. Here it is, blank. It'll take form and color over the next several days. I'll post the process.

Doilies. This will be my first attempt at them. Here's the pattern I'm following. I bought the floss and the steel crochet hook, which is the tiniest hook I've ever seen. It's almost microscopic.

The Downtown Art Walk. We played a show there last night. I love the hubbub of the Art Walk. Thousands of people descend on the older part of downtown, wandering the same few streets, bumping elbows, dancing to the music of street musicians, gawking at the eccentric s, and taking in the art. I'm always tempted to say it reminds me of New York, but truthfully, it's more of a party. Good vibes everywhere, distinctly LA. Even the cockroaches are welcome, and they do attend, in droves, crawling up through the manholes and sewage drains. Early in the evening you'll hear a few yelps from unsuspecting persons, but by the end of the evening everyone, roach and human alike, gets along just fine. We played at The Regent Theater, once an opulent cinema house, then a seedy adult film house, and now a raw, dilapidated open space. This seems to be the shared history of much of Downtown LA, and I'm fascinated by it.

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