Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ongoing Love Affair

As of two days ago, I have lived in Los Angeles for two years, and California for nearly five.

It was 85 degrees downtown just one hour ago.

It is 5:30pm now, and there are a good two hours of daylight left, after the recent adjustment of clocks to accommodate our energy needs.  Energy in the form of carbon emission reductions, as well as energy in the form of Vitamin D, of which there are ample amounts in this golden state.

After these two years, the scent of springtime jasmine still knocks me off my feet, the bright and ever-loving sun still gladdens my spirit with her generosity, and sights such as the yellow convertible porsche that just flashed by filled with ostentatious 30-somethings in thin-brimmed hats and aviator sunglasses still make me giggle.

Here's to you, Los Angeles, here's to you.

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