Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day

I am a distinctly summer girl. This season is, without a doubt, my favorite, and I look cynically upon those who deny it's superiority over the other three.

I also maintain a very sunny disposition toward the Fourth of July.  There are cryptic memes on facebook and sardonic comments hanging in the air at hipster parties that decry the childishness or naivite of our national celebrations: drinking, getting drunk, eating junk and setting explosives afire, as if these activities somehow overshadow or minimize the true purpose of the holiday: to honor our independence as a nation.

Personally, I find the drunken debauchery of Independence Day truly delightful, signaling the official start of summer.  A nation whose citizens can really let loose and get collectively, rapturously wild in celebrations, the origins of which are easily cast aside in favor of partying, is a nation that is truly free.

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